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Our expert discusses the difficulties of formulating an SE and gives recommended guidelines (3:05min)


Suspoemulsions are a combination of Suspension Concentrate and Concentrated Aqueous Emulsion technologies, where two active ingredients with very different physical properties can be combined into one formulation. The advantages are that it is possible to formulate multiple active ingredients together, broadening the spectrum of activity and eliminating the disadvantage of tank-mix incompatibility.

Suspoemulsions can be difficult to formulate.  To avoid breakdown processes such as homoflocculation, heteroflocculation, crystal growth and coalescence, Croda advises using speciality polymeric surfactants.  Improved anchoring and colloidal stabilisation are key to meeting the required performance criteria.

Polymeric surfactants:

Atlox™ 4913, Atlox 4915, Atlox Metasperse 500L, Atlox™ 4916, Atlas™ G-5000 and Atlas™ G-5002L.