Most agrochemical formulations have a surfactant system to help provide stability. To deliver the desired performance, generally the surfactant system is a blend of several components. The total surfactant concentration is usually fixed but the ratio of each component has to be determined. 

To help determine these ratios we have developed the Experimental Design Tool which enables you to change the surfactant ratios methodically so that an optimum composition can be identified. The tool assesses your results and optimises your formulation by advising what further blending ratios should be evaluated. By providing a map of points to test, unnecessary experiments are kept to a minimum, thus minimising formulating time and effort.

Developed for three-component blending, the tool is useful for all kinds of formulation development programmes, including EC, SC, EW and WDG systems. Your data can be continuously saved under your own personal username and password. You are therefore able to recall your data and continue, or re-evaluate your work, at any time.

To understand more about the theory behind this, download the Experimental Design Toolbox chapter.