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In-person event | ABIM 2023 - Reducing development time of microbial formulations using chassis systems

We are going to be presenting at the 18th edition of the ABIM conference, hosted in Basel, Switzerland.

Anna Higley, Business Development Specialist is going to be presenting during Session 5: Formulation of biocontrol on the 25 October 2023 at 08:30 CET. 

Presentation title: Reducing development time of microbial formulations using chassis systems

Anna Higley, Business Development Specialist headshot photograph

Anna Higley - Business Development Specialist

Anna has been working for Croda Crop Protection for the past 7 years where she has held different roles within the technical and commercial teams. Her background working in the labs at Croda has given her first hand appreciation of the challenges faced when attempting to design new formulations with unstable actives. More recently, Anna’s focus has been on the application of Croda’s materials into the biological market, working in teams where the aims were to design new products and guidance for customers in the formulation of living microorganisms.

Presentation abstract:

Formulating spore forming microbes can be a challenge as their morphological structure can be extremely hydrophobic making their dispersion in water ineffective and problematic in field application. The presence of water can encourage dormant spores to germinate therefore reducing the viability at the time of spraying. Using water free systems can provide an almost inert environment for the microbe during storage.

Wettable powders (WP) can offer benefits when working with such sensitive active substances. They involve a simple production process whereby microbe, filler and dispersant are gently combined. WPs are water-free reducing the likelihood of spore germination issues during storage. Linked to this, preserving agents can be harmful to the microorganisms but are not required in WPs. Finally, with WPs there are no storage sedimentation issues as the entire system is a solid. Of course, there are still formulation challenges of WPs such as; nozzle clogging, poor distribution of active, caking formation in the tank mix and poor shelf-life caused by formulation components.

To combat the challenges of formulating microbes as WP, Croda has produced a new ready-to-use WP chassis system. Having a pre-made base chassis which contains dispersants, wetting agents and filler to which a microbe is simply added can significantly reduce development time and risk of poor formulation performance. It also limits the required formulation knowledge to produce a final microbial product. Croda’s new WP product has been screened with Trichoderma, Metarhizium and Beauvaria and seen excellent dispersancy performance, stability and viability after 180-day germination tests.

Event type: Exhibition

ABIM 2023

18th Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting, 23-25 October 2023, Congress Center Basel As the unrivalled meeting place for the biocontrol industry, ABIM is internationally recognised as the venue at which to discover and unveil new products, to discuss market opportunities, to present new research, to learn about the latest regulatory situation and to liaise with fellow professionals from all over the world. During the three days over 1500 delegates from over 50 countries representing more than 500 companies and organisations from all over the globe can be expected to attend to network and exchange experiences and obtain information on the latest products and developments on the world market.

Event location
Basel, Switzerland
Event date
23 - 25 October 2023
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