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Atplus™ DRT-EPS

Atplus DRT-EPS is a tank mix adjuvant that combines adjuvancy properties, spray quality and drift control into one convenient product. It readily disperses in a tank mix meaning that no additional products are required. By controlling spray quality and reducing droplets that are prone to drift means that there is less wastage of products and less potential to damage neighbouring surroundings and habitats. Atplus DRT-EPS improves biological efficacy and benefits are observed with multiple active ingredients, nozzle types and spray pressures. This product is also OMRI Listed for use as an inert ingredient in combination with permitted active pesticidal ingredients. An OMRI Listed certificate is available on request.
Atplus™ DRT-EPS
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How does Atplus DRT-EPS contribute to sustainable agriculture?

To understand the in-use benefits of Atplus DRT-EPS, we have mapped it against the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). There are 17 SDGs which were introduced in 2015 as a call to all countries, organisations and individuals to improve the lives of people everywhere by 2030. We have identified that Atplus DRT-EPS can contribute to four SDGs: 2 Zero Hunger, 3 Good Health and Well-being, 6 Clean Water and Sanitation & 12 Responsible Consumption and Production. This is because Atplus DRT-EPS: 

  • Improves spray quality, reducing drift and wastage of product
  • Improves biological efficacy, enhancing yields
  • At least 65% of the material is coming from renewable chemistry

Product details

Chemical name

  • Non-ionic surfactant blend

Physical form at 25°C

  • Liquid

REACH status

  • Please contact us for further details

EPA status

  • §180.910


  • Adjuvant - drift reduction
  • Adjuvant - glyphosate adjuvant


  • OMRI listed


  • Adjuvants

Surfactant type

  • Nonionic


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