Crop protection products rarely consist of just a pure active ingredient. Instead, the active ingredient is usually formulated along with other materials which optimise the delivery of the active ingredient to the target. Formulation is an essential part of the total delivery system. When an active ingredient is combined into a formulation the final product becomes easier to handle, store and apply. Additionally the product is safer for the operator and environment, more effective as the bioavailability of the active ingredient is improved and more complex allowing more than one active ingredient to be combined into a formulation. 

We provide additives and adjuvants for these formulations to get the best performance out of active ingredients. This in turn enables farmers to get the best yields for their crops. The agrochemical industry uses formulation terminology to describe these active ingredient delivery systems, which follow a coding system. The different types of formulation largely depend on the physico-chemical properties of the active ingredient. You can learn more about these different formulation technologies below. For each formulation technology we can recommend and supply a broad portfolio of products and also individual tailored advice and technical support.