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Difenoconazole 100 g/L EC

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Concentrado emulsionable
A 100 g/L difenoconazole formulation designed to reduce the hazardous components while maintaining performance. Methylated rapeseed oil has replaced a traditional solvent and the optimised surfactant package removes the need for an anionic component that would often carry eye toxicity hazards.

Detalles de la formulación

Código de la formulación

  • CCG0110

Ingrediente activo biológico/químico

  • Ingrediente activo químico

Tipo de formulación

  • EC - concentrado emulsionable

Tipo de pesticida

  • Fungicida

Grupo químico de ingrediente activo

  • Triazoles

Nombre del ingrediente activo

  • Difenoconazole

LogP de ingrediente activo

  • Alto
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