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Rapeseed oil-based microbial OD chassis system

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Dispersão em óleo
This is a chassis formulation for developing OD formulations which can speed up the development process. It contains all components required except the active ingredient. The surfactants and their relative ratios are predetermined and have been optimised for a rapeseed oil continuous phase. This chassis system can include an active ingredient at an inclusion level of 20% w/w.

Detalhes de formulação

Código da formulação

  • CCG0117

Ingrediente ativo biológico/químico

  • Ingrediente ativo biológico
  • Ingrediente químico ativo

Tipo de formulação

  • OD - dispersão em óleo

Tipo de pesticida

  • Biopesticidas

Nome do ingrediente ativo

  • Bacillus sp.
  • Trichoderma harzanium
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