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Trichoderma sp. 20 w/w OD

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Dispersão em óleo
Biological formulations can be challenging to produce. In this Trichoderma sp. OD formulation, the ingredients have been carefully selected to be safe for the microorganisms and maintain their viability. The Croda ingredients also provide enhanced end point stability and performance which is often difficult to achieve when formulating with biologicals. This formulation allows the incorporation of a higher concentration of active ingredient, compared to others available on the market. It is important to note that if a different microorganism or oil is used, the formulation may need adjusting. For advice about this please get in touch

Detalhes de formulação

Código da formulação

  • CCG0085

Ingrediente ativo biológico/químico

  • Ingrediente ativo biológico

Tipo de formulação

  • OD - dispersão em óleo

Tipo de pesticida

  • Biopesticidas

Nome do ingrediente ativo

  • Trichoderma harzanium

LogP do ingrediente ativo

  • Alto
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