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Wettable powder (WP)

A  wettable powder (WP) is a powder formulation that forms a suspension when mixed with water prior to spraying.

WP formulations consist of one or more active ingredients which are blended and mixed with inerts, diluents and surfactants.

Wetting agents are used to facilitate the suspension of the particles in water.  A dispersing agent is added to prevent any flocculation of the suspension before it is applied.

WP formulation diagram

  • Uniform distribution of active ingredients
  • Exceptional residual control
  • High loading of active ingredient is possible
  • No storage sedimentation issues (due to being a powder)
  • Reduced dermal hazards

  • High levels of dust can cause operator safety concerns during manufacture and application
  • Difficult to mix in the spray tank

The Formulator's Toolbox (Full Version)

The Formulator's Toolbox
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Products recommended for WP

The wetting agent aids in the incorporation of the wettable powder into the water phase at the time of dilution and functions at the solid/liquid interface. Wetting agents reduce the surface tension between the solid powder surface and the water surface, with the result that the powder wets and mixes with the water in the spray tank more easily.

Adinol™ OT-72

Adinol™ OT-72

An electrolyte tolerant wetting agent which, due to its solid nature, shows strong performance in granule/powder based formulations. Ideally combined with Atlox Metasperse 550S.

Example formulations

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In the agrochemical industry, adjuvants can be incorporated into a formulation (built-in / in-can adjuvant) or can be added separately into the spray tank alongside other agrochemical products.

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