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Selecting a Tween adjuvant

Discover the smart and sustainable benefits Tween adjuvants provide and how to select which one to start with.


Aqueous Dispersant Selector Guide

This guide is designed to help you select the best aqueous dispersant for your formulation and highlights key areas of high performance.


Atplus DRT-6000 Technical Data Sheet

Atplus DRT-6000, is our new emulsifier for methylated seed oil (MSO) with robust integrated DRT benefits. - Robust DRT product when used as an emulsifier for MSO - Can be used in various proportions...


Product Guide

View our range of adjuvants and formulation additives. For more up to date product information visit the ‘Product Finder’ section on the website.


Crop Protection ECO range

100% bio-based and 100% renewable, Croda’s ECO range of products have a lower carbon footprint with identical performance to petrochemical-based surfactants.


Atlox 4917™ Product Overview Sheet

Explore the main highlights of Atlox 4917 our new, novel aqueous dispersant in this product overview sheet.

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Beyond Chemicals

Our aim is to make your job easier by not only providing high performance products but by sharing our knowledge to make your formulation development as simple as possible. Watch our video and download the brochure to discover how we go beyond the supply of chemicals, giving you an insight into formulation development at Croda. We are here to make your life easier. Go ahead, take advantage!

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