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Flowable concentrates for seed treatment (FS)

FS formulations are a modification of suspension concentrates (SC) with supplemental additives for adhesion to the seed surface and colourants as safety markers to indicate that a seed has been treated with a product.

FS formulations are now the most popular type of seed treatment because they are concentrated formulations and are safer to apply as they are water based.

FS formulation diagram


  • Aqueous based and dispersible in water which means good safety and user convenience
  • Low potential for germination issues
  • Have good retention on the seed
  • No dust problems as it is a liquid formulation
  • Easy to clean up seed treatment machinery post-treatment 


  • Storage stability may be affected by temperature extremes
  • High loading levels may cause stickiness and poor flow properties of the seed 

Seed treatment formulations usually contain multiple active ingredients and/or high loading levels. Additionally, the active ingredient has to be accurately and evenly spread over the seed surface and must remain there throughout storage, drilling and while the seed starts to germinate. To successfully develop these types of formulations, superior formulation additives are essential. The high performance requirement and complexity of seed treatments means formulating is the focal challenge. We simplify formulation development with our Seed Vision™ range which brings seed treatment innovation into focus.

The Formulator's Toolbox (Full Version)

The Formulator's Toolbox
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Seed Vision Guide

Seeds coated with a seed treatment formulations
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Seeds coated with a seed treatment formulations

Seed treatment

Discover more about seed treatments including formulations and seed enhancing processes.

Products recommended for FS

The use of polymeric dispersants are highly recommended due to their higher molecular weight, large repulsive barrier and many anchoring groups per molecule. This enables highly loaded, stable seed treatments to be formulated.

Atlox Metasperse™ 500L

Atlox Metasperse™ 500L

A modified styrene acrylic polymeric aqueous dispersant in liquid form which exhibits excellent hard water tolerance.

Atlox™ 4913

Atlox™ 4913

A versatile nonionic polymeric aqueous dispersant. Ideally partnered with Atlas G-5002L as a wetting agent. Suitable for a large range of organic and inorganic active ingredients in water. Ability to...

Example formulations

Formulation finder

Get inspiration from our wide range of tried and tested formulation recipes created by our application scientists globally. Covering multiple agrochemical formulation types, the formulation finder helps you to deliver the innovative solutions you need.

Seeds coated with a seed treatment formulations

Seed treatment

Discover more about seed treatments including formulations and seed enhancing processes.

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