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Suspension concentrate (SC)

Suspension concentrate (SC) formulations consist of having a solid active ingredient dispersed in water.

SCs have grown in popularity due to benefits such as absence of dust, ease of use and effectiveness when compared to other formulation types such as emulsifiable concentrate (EC) and wettable powder (WP). To formulate a stable SC, the active ingredient must remain insoluble under all temperature conditions.


SC formulation diagram



  • Water based hence it provides good safety and user convenience
  • Suitable for many active ingredients with low water solubility
  • Absence of dust Absence of flammable liquids
  • Small particle size of the active ingredient
  • Adjuvants can be built-in for bio enhancement



  • Not compatible with water soluble active ingredients
  • Crystal growth can be a problem if the active is partially soluble in water
  • Long term stability issues Stability upon dilution


Formulating to reduce crystal growth in SC formulations

Formulating to reduce crystal growth in SC formulations
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The Formulator's Toolbox (Full Version)

The Formulator's Toolbox
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In the agrochemical industry, adjuvants can be incorporated into a formulation (built-in / in-can adjuvant) or can be added separately into the spray tank alongside other agrochemical products.

Products recommended for SC

The use of polymeric dispersants is highly recommended due to their higher molecular weight, large repulsive barrier and many anchoring groups per molecule. This enables highly loaded, stable suspension concentrates to be formulated. We have a range of dispersants each with a specific area of high performance.

Atlox™ 4917

Atlox™ 4917

A novel, aqueous dispersant delivering robust stability in complex and problematic formulations. Designed to expand our range of aqueous dispersants building on the well-established technology of...

Atlox™ 4919

Atlox™ 4919

An aqueous dispersant that builds compatibility between agrochemical suspensions and high electrolyte tank mixes, such as fertilizers.

Atlox™ 4915

Atlox™ 4915

A polymeric amphoteric aqueous dispersant optimised for performance in electrolyte conditions and water free composition allows for use in OD formulations. Additional benefits as adjuvant for...

Atlox Metasperse™ 500L

Atlox Metasperse™ 500L

A modified styrene acrylic polymeric aqueous dispersant in liquid form which exhibits excellent hard water tolerance.

Atlox™ 4913

Atlox™ 4913

A versatile nonionic polymeric aqueous dispersant. Ideally partnered with Atlas G-5002L as a wetting agent. Suitable for a large range of organic and inorganic active ingredients in water. Ability to...

Atlox™ PN-100

Atlox™ PN-100

A single system polymeric dispersant and wetting agent developed for incorporating high concentrations of micronutrients into aqueous suspensions. It also improves the compatibility with glyphosate in...

Zephrym™ PD3315

Zephrym™ PD3315

A polymeric dispersant incorporating an increased level of hydrophilic material in its backbone improving its suitability for use as a dispersant for more polar compounds like micronutrients and...

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