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Advanced additives and adjuvants

With our industry-leading technologies and unique formulation expertise, our unmatched range of additives and adjuvants help crop customers get the best performance out of their products, enabling farmers to get the best yields from their crops.

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Atplus DRT-7000

On-demand webinar: Introducing the new Atplus™ DRT-7000

Presented by Desmond Tan, Technical Service Manager

Atplus™ DRT-7000, specifically designed for the Asian market, allows for precise targeting, increased crop coverage, minimised wastage, and off-target drift when included in a tank-mix, contributing to a more sustainable and effective UAV-based agricultural approach.

Watch our on-demand webinar to experience the capability of Atplus™ DRT-7000 — an all-in-one solution for robust drift control and enhanced adjuvancy in UAV applications.
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Atlox™ BS-50 – latest product launch

A ready-to-use WP delivery system for solid microorganisms. Designed to improve wettability and dispersibility without affecting spore viability.
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Whitepaper formulating for agriculture

White paper: Formulating biologicals for agriculture

Whilst biological products provide a sustainable alternative to chemical pesticides, how do we overcome the formulation challenges they present?
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Scientist pouring orange-coloured solution into beaker

On-demand webinar | Step by step: Unlock the secrets of creating effective oil dispersion (OD) formulations

Explore the intricacies of formulating ODs step by step and get guidance on techniques and tips to help achieve optimal results for your formulations with the help of lab demonstrations.
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Developing microbial oil dispersion OD formulations

Developing microbial oil dispersion (OD) formulations

Gain advice on how to formulate microbial biopesticides (or biocontrol products), including what you need to consider prior to formulating and product recommendations.
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Colony of Characteristics of Fungus (Mold) in culture medium plate from laboratory microbiology.

On-demand webinar: Advancing delivery of biologicals through optimisation: smart formulation design

In partnership with ISAA

Presented by Carlos Oliveira Silva, Lead Researcher - Incotec

Watch our on-demand webinar where we review the challenges associated with formulating biological pesticides, what you need to consider prior to formulating and product solutions and opportunities the use of adjuvants present.


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Featured video

Watch this video to learn more about our Product Validation Centre that is dedicated to serving the agrichemical market by validating and substantiating the claims and results obtained in our formulation, microbiology and seed treatment laboratories.
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