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Advanced additives and adjuvants

With our industry-leading technologies and unique formulation expertise, our unmatched range of additives and adjuvants help crop customers get the best performance out of their products, enabling farmers to get the best yields from their crops.

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Whitepaper Mitigating abiotic stress in crops

Check out our new white paper on mitigating abiotic stress in crops!

Climate change is causing more unpredictable weather, making abiotic stresses worse globally. Plants that can handle these stresses well will produce more and stay more stable. Discover the challenges we need to tackle to improve how we deal with abiotic stress.

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Product Carbon Footprints: A key tool to decarbonisation blog

Explore the significance of Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) to see how your purchasing decisions can drive down greenhouse gas emissions and foster sustainability.
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Updated: Sustainable innovation from seed to harvest brochure

Download the Sustainable Innovation from Seed to Harvest brochure to discover how Croda supports crop and seed enhancement through our offerings.
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Atplus DRT-7000

On-demand webinar: Introducing the new Atplus™ DRT-7000

Watch our on-demand webinar to experience the capability of Atplus™ DRT-7000 — an all-in-one solution for robust drift control and enhanced adjuvancy in UAV applications.
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Atplus DRT-EPS - drift reduction adjuvant

Maximising accuracy: utilising drift reduction adjuvants for precise agricultural spray application

Want to find out more about the causes of spray drift, ways to minimise it, and how to enhance the spray quality of your formulations? Discover more in this blog.
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Product Carbon Footprint

Available now: Product Carbon Footprints for Croda's materials

To support our customers' scope 3 upstream carbon accounting and to enable collaboration on targeted decarbonisation actions, Croda Crop Care now launches Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) for materials produced at 12 of our global manufacturing sites, representing over 400 Crop Care products
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