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Oil dispersion (OD)

An oil dispersion (OD) formulation is a solid active ingredient dispersed in oil. The oil can vary from paraffinic to aromatic solvent types and vegetable oil or methylated seed oils. Ideally the active ingredient is uniformly suspended in the oil phase.

ODs are an excellent delivery system for water sensitive active ingredients such as sulfonylureas. However, ODs have extended to other active ingredients due to their better spray retention, spreading and foliar uptake as the carrier oil often acts as an adjuvant.


OD formulation diagram



  • Especially suited to hydrolytically unstable actives allowing them to be formulated as liquid formulations
  • The oil continuous phase acts as a built-in adjuvant
  • The oil adjuvant can provide both penetration enhancement and spray retention enhancement
  • Does not need preserving (water free)



  • Can suffer from more sedimentation compared to water based systems
  • Difficult to formulate


The Formulator's Toolbox (Full Version)

The Formulator's Toolbox
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Oil Dispersion Step-by-Step Guide

Oil dispersion OD step by step guide
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Formulating Nicosulfuron as an Oil Dispersion

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Developing microbial oil dispersion (OD) formulations

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Products recommended for OD

Aqueous dispersants are used in some cases in order to improve stability in the spray tank after dilution in water. If the active ingredient is insoluble in water and needs to be suspended for a length of time, the aqueous dispersant will prevent flocculation of these solid particles and improve overall stability.

Atlox Metasperse™ 550S

Atlox Metasperse™ 550S

A modified styrene acrylic polymeric aqueous dispersant in powder form. Particularly suited for highly loaded solid formulations such as WP or WDG, ideally combined with Multiwet MO-85P.

Atlox™ 4915

Atlox™ 4915

A polymeric amphoteric aqueous dispersant optimised for performance in electrolyte conditions and water free composition allows for use in OD formulations. Additional benefits as adjuvant for...

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