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Crop protection products rarely consist of just a pure active ingredient. Instead, the active ingredient is usually formulated along with other materials which optimise the delivery of the active ingredient to the target.

Formulation is an essential part of the total delivery system. When an active ingredient is combined into a formulation, the final product becomes easier to handle, store and apply. Additionally, the product becomes safer for the operator and environment, more effective as the bioavailability of the active ingredient is improved and more complex in allowing more than one active ingredient to be combined into a formulation.

We provide additives and adjuvants for these formulations to get the best performance out of active ingredients. This in turn enables farmers to get the best yields for their crops. The agrochemical industry uses formulation terminology to describe these active ingredient delivery systems, which follow a coding system. The different types of formulation largely depend on the physico-chemical properties of the active ingredient. You can learn more about these different formulation technologies below. For each formulation technology, we can recommend and supply a broad portfolio of products and tailored advice and technical support.

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In the agrochemical industry, adjuvants can be incorporated into a formulation (built-in / in-can adjuvant) or can be added separately into the spray tank alongside other agrochemical products.

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Capsule suspension (CS)

In the agrochemical industry, capsule suspension (CS) formulations remain one of the most advanced formulation types for crop protection products worldwide.

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Concentrated aqueous emulsion (EW)

In the agrochemical industry, concentrated aqueous emulsion (EW) formulations are stable emulsions of water insoluble organic liquid in a continuous water phase. They can be considered as a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to emulsifiable concentrates (EC).

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Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)

Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulations are still one of the most common formulation types for crop protection / agrochemical products worldwide. An EC is a combination of an active ingredient dissolved in a solvent with emulsifiers.

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Flowable concentrate for seed treatment (FS)

In the agrochemical industry, flowable concentrate (FS) formulations are a way of applying crop protection products to seeds. A FS is defined as suspensions of solid active ingredients in water which are applied to seeds prior to planting.

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Microemulsion (ME)

A microemulsion (ME) is a water based formulations with a very small emulsified droplet size; this makes the formulation transparent. In the agrochemical industry, a ME is defined as a system of oil, water and surfactants that forms a single, optically clear and thermodynamically stable emulsion.

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Oil dispersion (OD)

In the agrochemical industry, oil dispersion (OD) formulations are an excellent delivery system for water sensitive active ingredients such as sulfonylureas. An OD is defined as a solid active ingredient dispersed in oil.

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Suspension concentrate (SC)

In the agrochemical industry, suspension concentrate (SC) formulations have grown in popularity due to benefits such as absence of dust and ease of use. An SC is defined as an insoluble active ingredient dispersed in an aqueous medium.

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Suspoemulsion (SE)

In the agrochemical industry, suspoemulsion (SE) formulations are used to combine two active ingredients with very different physical properties into one formulation. They are a combination of suspension concentrate (SC) and concentrated aqueous emulsion (EW) technologies.

Granule formulation

Water dispersible granule (WDG)

In the agrochemical industry, water dispersible granule (WDG) are a solid, non-dusty granular formulation which disperses or dissolves quickly when added to water in the spray tank to give a fine particle suspension.

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Wettable powder (WP)

In the agrochemical industry, a wettable powder (WP) is a powder formulation that forms a suspension when mixed with water prior to spraying.

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