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Ethofumesate 112 g/L - Phenmedipham 92 g/L - Desmedipham 18 g/L SC

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Suspension concentrate
A suspension concentrate (SC) formulation containing three selective systemic herbicides, ethofumesate, phenmedipham and desmedipham.

Formulation details

Formulation code

  • CCG0026

Biological / chemical active ingredient

  • Chemical active ingredient

Formulation type

  • SC - suspension concentrate

Formulation attribute

  • Multi-active ingredient

Pesticide type

  • Herbicide

Active ingredient chemical group

  • Benzofurans
  • Phenyl-carbamates

Active ingredient name

  • Desmedipham
  • Ethofumasate
  • Phenmedipham

LogP of active ingredient

  • Medium
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