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Whitepaper Mitigating abiotic stress in crops

Boosting crop resilience: Mitigating abiotic stress in crops

Making plants more resilient to extreme environmental conditions is a growing area of research and development, and is key to the future of sustainable farming. Our new paper explores the...

Product Carbon Footprint: A key tool to decarbonisation

In the quest to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and decarbonise, the chemical and life sciences industries require precise emission accounting for products and services. Companies need to...

Croda launches new drone adjuvant Atplus™ DRT-7000 targeted at the Asian market

Croda has unveiled its latest drone adjuvant Atplus™ DRT-7000, specially formulated to enhance drift control and improve wetting/spreading in tank mix applications for low volume spray operations like...
Atplus DRT-EPS - drift reduction adjuvant

Maximising accuracy: utilising drift reduction adjuvants for precise agricultural spray application

Maximising accuracy: utilising drift reduction adjuvants for precise agricultural spray application. Find out more in this blog.

OMRI Listed: organic surfactants and adjuvants

OMRI Listed certifies that Croda’s surfactants and adjuvants meet organic standards, making them suitable for use in organic crop protection products.

Croda’s first product launch specifically focusing on the biopesticide market

Croda has launched the new product Atlox™ BS-50, a ready-to-use wettable powder (WP) delivery system which specifically meets the needs of the growing biopesticide market.

Formulation of microbial biopesticides

Microbes can be beneficial throughout agriculture. Probably the most well-known are biopesticides, which can control insects (bioinsecticides) or pathogens (biofungicides).
Incotec employee looking at microbes

Hear from our experts: Formulating biologicals

Steve Adams our Global Research and Technology Manager at Plant Impact shares his thoughts and opinions on the use of biologicals in agriculture and how it is shaping the industry.
microplastic free seed treatment

Whitepaper: A microplastic-free future for seed treatment

As new microplastic legislation transforms agriculture, what does the future hold and how do we get there?
microplastic free seed treatment

The new microplastics legislation - what does it mean for seed treatments and coatings?

Hear Marta Dobrowolska-Haywood discuss the microplastic regulations.
Croda employees accepting award

Croda wins sustainability award at Syngenta Suppliers Awards

01 June 2022: Croda has been announced the winner of of the ‘reduction in carbon’ category at the Syngenta Suppliers Awards today, 1st June 2022. At the ceremony, held in Frankfurt, Germany, the...