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Colony of Characteristics of Fungus (Mold) in culture medium plate from laboratory microbiology.

On-demand webinar | Advancing delivery of biologicals through optimisation: smart formulation design

There is a clear shift in agriculture towards more sustainable products, methods, and processes with biological control being widely explored as a credible option. Whilst biological products can provide a sustainable alterative to chemical pesticides, how do we overcome the formulation challenges they present?

Focusing specifically on the use of microbes, they would not be effective in agriculture if used on their own as viability would be lost before they could reach their intended target, whether that is the soil or on a leaf. Formulation of microbial biopesticides is about providing a suitable delivery system that maintains the viability of the microbe until it is delivered to its end application.

In the lead up to ISAA 2025 Conference, Croda Crop Protection was invited to kick start the event’s monthly webinar series that aims to bring about the latest trends and developments within the agrochemical industry. 

In this webinar, we reviewed the challenges associated with formulating microbial biopesticides, what you need to consider prior to formulating and product solutions. You can watch the recording of the webinar below

On-demand webinar | Advancing delivery of biologicals through optimisation: smart formulation design

Carlos Oliveira, Lead Research Scientist

Carlos Oliveira Silva

Carlos is a Lead Researcher at Incotec where he has pursued his career over the last 10 years.  Based in Brazil, his role involves studying the compatibility of different formulants with microorganisms, the application of biopesticides in seed treatment and developing new formulations for biopesticide delivery.
Carlos has a deep understanding of biological systems and combines this with practical skills in research and development, to contribute significantly to Incotec’s work programme in advancing sustainable agricultural practices.

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