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Croda launches new drone adjuvant Atplus™ DRT-7000 targeted at the Asian market

Croda has unveiled its latest drone adjuvant Atplus™ DRT-7000, specially formulated to enhance drift control and improve wetting/spreading in tank mix applications for low volume spray operations like drone applications.

Atplus DRT 7000

 The widespread acceptance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for agriculture, in the recent years, has largely been driven by their labour-saving benefits, ease of application in complex terrain, and extended application periods (e.g., night spray, wetland). However, compared to ground application, the dilution ratio for drone application is typically 5 to 10 times lower, and the spray volume (20 to 50 L/ha) is also less than that used in ground application (100 to 150 L/ha). To compensate for the low spray volume, UAV adopted fine spray nozzles and generally spray at a height about 1.5 meters above canopy/ground level. This increases spray drift risk and poses potential environmental danger to surrounding areas like hedgerows, water bodies, and wildlife.

To address these issues, Croda has developed Atplus™ DRT-7000, a water-based drone adjuvant that offers robust drift control and adjuvancy properties all in one product. When included in a tank-mix, Atplus™ DRT-7000 allows for precise targeting, increased crop coverage, minimised wastage and off-target drift, thereby contributing to a more sustainable and effective UAV-based agricultural approach. 

Features & benefits of using Atplus™ DRT-7000 as a drone adjuvant

  • Robust drift control performance
  • Improved droplet retention and wetting on foliar surfaces
  • Low phytotoxicity
  • Safe and non-hazardous
  • Improves biological efficacy
  • Good compatibility with other agrochemicals for tank-mix application
  • Water soluble so readily disperses in a tank mix

Atplus™ DRT-7000 datasheet

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Atplus DRT-7000

Introducing the new Atplus™ DRT-7000

To learn more about the capability of Atplus™ DRT-7000 — the all-in-one solution for robust drift control and enhanced adjuvancy in UAV applications, register for our on-demand webinar.

SDG Goals

Atplus™ DRT-7000 contributions to UN Sustainable Development Goals

The benefits of Atplus™ DRT-7000 have been identified to be able to contribute to four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At Croda, we are passionate about contributing to a more sustainable future for all and we would be delighted to have an open discussion with you on this so that we can achieve your sustainability goals together.

Atplus™ DRT-7000 product details

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