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OMRI Listed: organic surfactants and adjuvants

Croda has over 15 OMRI Listed surfactants and adjuvants that may be use in crop protection formulations for organic production according to USDA NOP (National Organic Program). OMRI Listing can be used to assist formulators in selecting inputs that are suitable for organic production. In developing this growing family of products, Croda recognises the rising consumer demand and commercial interest in organic food production, respecting the need to preserve biological diversity and the responsible use of natural resources.
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What does OMRI Listed mean?

‘OMRI Listed’ accreditation provides reassurance for the formulator that inert ingredients are suitable for use in products for organic production. A selection of Croda products have been OMRI-Listed, confirming their suitability for use in crop protection formulations. ‘OMRI Listed’ certificates are available for these products on the OMRI website or from Croda on request.
Croda has also created a reference guide for all our products that are included on the EPA List 4B (ingredients for which EPA has sufficient information to reasonably conclude that the current pattern of use in pesticide products will not adversely affect public health or the environment in organic production operations). For products listed in this guide, it is possible to secure OMRI Listing as required. If there are any products of interest, please contact your Croda representative to discuss the possibilities.  

With extensive formulation expertise in both organic and conventional crop protection products, Croda is committed to working with you, our customers, to enable you to achieve your formulation goals.  

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OMRI Listed surfactants and adjuvants

These are the products where OMRI Listed versions are available. When requesting samples please specify if an OMRI listed grade is required.
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OMRI certificates

Certificates can be downloaded from the OMRI website for the Croda products that we have OMRI Listed.
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Download our NOP guide

View our reference guide containing products that adhere to the USDA NOP regulation.
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