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Tween™ 20

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Tween 20 is a sorbitan fatty acid ester ethoxylate and is a well-known highly effective adjuvant. Croda's Tween 20 has been the workhorse nonionic surfactant adjuvant for several decades and consistently demonstrates both high levels of activity across broad varieties of pesticidal active ingredients as well as providing superior plant safety. It has a long and robust history as an "activator adjuvant" performing across such varied herbicide classes as glyphosate and triketones. Tween 20 has a substantial positive track record with many global agricultural companies and often appears as a screening tool when assessing the bioavailability of new active ingredients and formulations. Like many liquid polysorbate surfactants Tween 20 displays mammalian and ecological safety, biodegradability, excellent physical properties, ease of formulation, superior dilution performance and virtually no phytotoxicity. Tween 20 also offers ready availability and safety with demonstrated biological performance in combination with many pesticides. (Agrow Reports. Adjuvants and additives: 2006 edition). This product is suitable for use as an inert ingredient in combination with permitted active pesticidal ingredients according to US NOP. OMRI-Listed grades are available.
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Product details

Chemical name

  • Polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monolaurate

Physical form at 25°C

  • Liquid


  • 16

REACH status

  • Please contact us for further details

EPA status

  • 910, 930


  • Adjuvant - glyphosate adjuvant
  • Adjuvant - humectant
  • Adjuvant - leaf penetration aid
  • O/W emulsifier


  • RSPO
  • OMRI listed


  • Adjuvants

Cloud point

  • > 70 °C

Surfactant type

  • Nonionic
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