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Tween™ 24

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Croda has advanced Tween 20 technology offering three polysorbates with differentiated performance and enhanced benefits for modern formulations. Tween 20 has long been established as an effective adjuvant for built-in and tank-added applications with an advantageous ecological and toxicological profile. The latest Tweens allow formulators to push performance forward with trusted and familiar chemistry. Tween 22, Tween 23 and Tween 24 offer enhanced surface activity to provide better wetting, lower equilibrium surface tension (EST) and lower contact angle compared to Tween 20. Tween 24 can significantly increase yields and reduce land use. In reducing the land required to grow the crop, significant carbon and water savings can be achieved, this has been externally validated by Avieco. Easy to use, it also shows improved performance with various hydrophilic herbicides, all with minimal impact on registration due to the fact it has the same CAS as Tween 20. This product is suitable for use as an inert ingredient in combination with permitted active pesticidal ingredients according to US NOP. OMRI-Listed grades are available.
Tween 24

Product details

Chemical name

  • Polyoxyethylene (16) sorbitan monolaurate

Physical form at 25°C

  • Liquid


  • 17

REACH status

  • Please contact us for further details

EPA status

  • 910, 930


  • Adjuvant - glyphosate adjuvant
  • Adjuvant - humectant
  • Adjuvant - leaf penetration aid
  • O/W emulsifier


  • RSPO
  • OMRI listed


  • Adjuvants

Surfactant type

  • Nonionic
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